My Story

Alluriel is the story of a Scottish girl who came to Paris through love of fashion , it’s my story and I’m delighted to share it with you.


As far back as I can remember, I’ve always loved working with garments, fabrics and accessories. In my home town near Glasgow ,my mother gave me a small sewing machine at the age of eight which I used to make wardrobes for my dolls. So naturally, after studying design in Edinburgh and then coming to Paris, I became a pattern designer with the same passion for garment construction and design.

Clothes have always played a big part in helping me feel good about myself and so my quest has always been to find the best fit and fabrics.


Alluriel is essentially a collection of well cut, excellent quality ,timeless garments designed for comfort and elegance. Over the past 25 years, I’ve followed these guidelines whether as a pattern designer or technical team manager in Paris or London. I’ve always wanted to be as close as possible to garment construction, which sometimes meant sitting behind a sewing machine with a seamstress in a factory in Bangalore.

Alluriel is also my commitment to guarantee sustainable and ethical garment production. My collection is in cotton satin, cashmere or modal fabrics and made by suppliers with whom I have worked for years, in Shanghai, Delhi or Porto. I know their factories, so I know that my products are made in compliance with ethical rules and people’s rights.

Alluriel is now my world, please come in and make yourself at home.



The Gold Alluriel Medal

It symbolizes the Scottish thistle and is sewn on each garment on the sleeve or waistband.I imagined it as a small jewel placed on each garment.

Our Showroom at 50 Rue Sedaine Paris 11th